MBHA Big Bear Award

Entrants who harvest the three heaviest-dressed bears will be notified shortly after the entry deadline.
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Winners will be invited to the MBHA Convention in March 2025 to accept a big bear award and give a short speech about how they bagged their bear. They can also submit a story and photo to be published in MBHA’s newsletter, The Bear Facts.

2024 Big Bear Award Winners

1st Place

Nicholas Minch
Dressed Weight 455 lbs

2nd Place

Joshua Maskey
Dressed Weight 345 lbs

3rd Place

Autumn Pratt
Dressed Weight 330 lbs
Image of woods

Contest Rules

Entries must be received no later than December 31, 2024
  • Membership in MBHA is NOT required.
  • Bear must be legally tagged and registered.
  • Bears must be dressed and weighed on a scale.
  • Dressed means removal of all internal organs.
  • Entries must include the animal’s weight and a photo of the successful hunter with the bear.

Mail-in Enteries

Send entries to:
Hannah Leech
14972 10th Ave.,
Johannesburg, MI 49751
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2023 Big Bear Award Winners

1st place winner

1st Place

Larry Orcutt
464 lbs
2nd place winner

2nd Place

James Loveless
458 lbs
3rd place winner

3rd Place

Alan Bischer
375 lbs

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