Friends Of MBHA

We would not be what we are today if it weren't for the help from our partners and sponsors.
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MBHA Partners

MBHA Gold Donors

• Jay Brink Taxidermy
•  Ron and Ann LaForge
•  Verlyn Lynch Family Farm
Bear Cub
Hunter with hounds

MBHA Silver Donors

• Team Fix
•  Stan & Wendy Kwapis
•  Gaylord Vet Clinic
•  Five Point
•  Dawn Cottrell
•  The Sides Family
•  Lake City Feeds
•  Kwapis Outdoor Service
• Mike and Rita LaForge
•  Keith and Elissa Shafer
•  Mclean’s Hardware, Kalkaska
•  Rusty and Cindy Huff
•  Education Outdoors
•  Tylers Creations
•  Antrim Outdoors
• Bear Bistro
•  Family of Buck Bear Hounds
•  Sherwood Auction Service
•  Elisa Kwapis
•  Cliff and Maria Anderson
•  Roy & Sons Guns
•  Five Point

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