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We need your help to strengthen the Michigan Bear Hunters Association and Michigan Bear Hunters Conservation Association.

Sign up your friends and invite them to go hunting or to one of many MBHA – Sponsored events. For every new member you sign up, your name will be entered into a drawing.

Once we have 15 names entered in the drawing, we’ll draw for a winner at one of our quarterly meetings. The winner will receive two dinner tickets to our annual convention.

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If you value Michigan’s black bear, the Michigan Bear Hunters Association is the most important organization you can join.

We’ll immediately put your membership fee to work protecting the black bear and the wonderful sport of bear hunting, as we continue our fight for more research, better management, fairer hunting regulations and the defeat of the anti-hunters.
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This is your chance to have a voice in the future of the Michigan Black Bear and bear hunting.

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A youth membership is available to any person 13 years old or younger and will include a MBHA decal, and a subscription to the MUCC Tracks Magazine.

Lifetime memberships are available to any person 14 years old or older and are nontransferable.  A lifetime membership will include a MBHA decal, a subscription to the association’s Bear Facts newsletter, and a subscription to the Bear Hunting Magazine.

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